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Re: Theory About Why Most Don't Care for Enterprise as Much...

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Then we come to the choice of Captain, should Scott Bakula have been choosen, he's a great actor but not sure he was Star Trek captaincy quality.
While a different actor might have been a better choice, Bakula likely could have played Archer different if Archer had been created and written as a more professional officer. Highly trained, experienced, resolute. Someone who had previously commanded a "lesser" starship, and not have been simply a test pilot.

It was never made clear why Archer was selected to command the Enterprise.

DeepSpaceWine wrote: View Post
I think there were far too many unknown races being encountered in close space, making people feel this was several hundreds of ly away from Earth, not within 100, 200, etc ly of Earth.
Within 200 ly of Earth there are (real world) well over 116,000 stars, If anything too much time was spent interacting with previously well established alien species like the Klingons and Romulans (they could have largely dispensed with the Romulans completely as far as I'm concerned).

or were ripoffs ... "Doctor's Orders"
I liked Doctor's Orders, while it is like the Voyager episode in some ways, there are enough differences. Phlox is a more appealing character than Seven was in isolation. The two crews face a similar problem and employed a similar solution.

if they felt Seasons 1-2 had a direction
One of the biggest objections I had with the first couple of season was that Archer didn't seem to have a structured mission, he (and the Enterprise) were just wondering around.

and could see steps being taken towards the founding of the Federation
One of the thing that killed the fourth season (for me) was the endless boring references to the "Coalition of Planets." The final episode where the formation of the Federation was featured is commonly reviled. The Federation is best kept far in the background.

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