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Re: You know what would've made "Yesterday's Enterprise" better than i

I'm gonna be the sole voice of dissent on this one. I'm glad they didn't do anything like shoehorning Worf into the alternative timeline. One of the things I tend to dislike when TV shows do alternate realities is when they find a role for every member of the cast in the alternate universe, even if logic would dictate that such a dispariate group of characters wouldn't necessarily all meet each other in every quantum reality. I mean, circumstance drew them together in our universe, but would it in every universe? Even one as dramatically different as in "YestEnt"? The starfleet characters I can understand, but to me making Worf their foe would have been trite and predictable.

Besides, I like that Worf and Troi are entirely absent. Their complete absence really underlines that this is a truly very different reality.
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