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Re: You know what would've made "Yesterday's Enterprise" better than i

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Except Worf was rescued by humans after the Khitomer massacre two years after Narendra III was destroyed. If tensions had already risen between the Klingon Empire and Federation, I doubt the USS Intrepid would've responded to the distress call. So very likely the four year old Worf would've been left for dead among the debris.
The thing is, I'm not sure Khitomer would have happened in this timeline. For all we know, the Romulans attacked Khitomer because their attack on Narendra III was foiled by Enterprise. Rumor has it they attacked because they were concerned about a secret Klingon weapons depot (unsupported by canon). If they were successful in finding and destroying the depot, they may not have needed to attack the Khitomer outpost two years later.

I addressed the "maybe it happened differently" argument in the post above yours. For all we know, since we're speculating, the Romulans could've done a false flag operation instead, destroying Khitomer and implicating the Federation, and that's what touched off the war. You can argue anything convincingly in alternate histories after all. It is precedent in Trek that not much changes in the alternate timelines despite it all, as you always have the same exact group of individuals on the same exact ship.
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