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Re: Do fans want the prime timeline back? Part 2: Poll edition.

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Though I wasn't a fan of Sisko's part in getting the Romulans to join in the Dominion war.
But . . . but that's one of the very best DS9 episodes?
I always thought so. Then again from what I've seen, those who don't like it are very... passionate about it going against what Trek is supposed to be.

Personally I thought that was what made DS9 so great. It's easy to preach about better natures and evolved societies when you live in a utopia, but not everyone else does and sooner or later you're going to bump up against those societies.
Exactly. If the morality is too pat and the characters too squeaky-clean, then you're just making the futuristic equivalent of an ABC After-School Special. Life is messy and sometimes there are no easy answers--even in the 24th century.
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