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Re: Excelsior Technical Manual - Revived!

I finally came across the website that I got "Dr. Tokogawa" from... mostly I included it as a nod for my appreciation to the site's efforts. I disagree with a chunk of what they assert.

In another thread, Crazy Eddie brought up the notion that the "humpback pod" that the nacelle struts attach to iswhat actually houses the warp core. I must admit, I've considered this notion before, but was convinced primarily by the location of the deflection crystals that the ship probably had a more conventional core arrangement. I'm eager to hear others' thoughts on this.

In addition, what do others make of the fact that the warp cores of the two ships appear to be represented by the TNG set? We more or less know from Mr. Probert that the TMP intermix chamber was essentially a power transfer conduit, with the reaction taking place elsewhere, and TOS also seems to be a different animal.

On the one hand, we may wish to assume that the A and Excelsior cores aren't "really" identical, but on the other, we may wish to infer from this that the Excelsior tech introduced the "modern" warp core arrangement, and this played a part in the class's longevity. I'm eager to hear others' thoughts on this, too.
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