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Re: Question About "The Chimes at Midnight"

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Really, given all the times that Spock's unique abilities were the only way to save the day, it's hard to believe the ship and crew even still exist in the movie era in a Spock-less timeline. I still wish Chimes had explained how they saved Earth from V'Ger without Spock around.
I wondered about this, too. The story starts in 2274, which would put it about a year after the incident. Will Decker never makes an appearance in this timeline (as depicted), so it's possible he merged with V'Ger as he did in the primary universe. But it's not clear how the Enterprise crew would have gained their insight into V'Ger without Spock's ability to mind-meld.

I suppose it's possible Enterprise was never assigned to intercept V'Ger in the Thelin continuity. Another vessel and crew could have found a way of diverting the entity before it destroyed Earth. But it still would have been nice to learn how those events played without Spock being there.

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