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Re: Benedict Cumberbatch /John Harrison [SPOILERS]

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The Dark Knight and Batman 1989 are completely two different films, people hardly compare them.

Nolan was smart to make The Dark Knight his own film, He did not borrow or have his actors react any scene from Batman 1989

The creator of this video disagrees:

The point of the video really isn't to show similarity of two films, but to show that homage is everywhere. People can find it in anything if they look hard enough. Sometimes it's intentional and sometimes it isn't. And sometimes it has a purpose.

STiD had a purpose.

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While the Spock scream was a bit OTT (but kind of a guilty pleasure for me...and it's not like PrimeKirk's was any better!), I felt the rest of the scene was a well-handled homage, if maybe a bit too on-the-nose. Either way, it could have been (and I expected to be) a -lot- worse.
The thing is, it wasn't just a homage. From the opening scene of ST09, the reboot has primarily been about the relationship of Kirk and Spock and how it is juxtaposed to the relationship of the original. They are different people who think and act differently with a different set of beliefs and philosophies of those of their counterparts. Yet, despite all that, their relationship transcends time.

The whole radiation scene is visual representation of that. Kirk and Spock are literally on different sides of the same fence, yet their bond is still the same.

I don't know why this is such a hard concept for people to understand.

OpenMaw - the point I've tried to make is that I think we might have just been left saying "if they were going to make a villain who couldhave been Khan, wouldn't it have been cooler if they'd just gone ahead and made him Khan?"

I feel like a broken record at this point, but with regards to this, the reboot in general, and certain other elements I feel TPTB are in a total Kobayashi Maru scenario, in that no matter what they do people are going to complain; it's only the nature of the complaints that will change.
This is spot on.

There's a certain portion of Trekdom that has become so accustomed to having a soiled face that it's chops its nose off on a daily basis out of habit.

I have seen that video and I disagree. All those things in the video are not necessary rip offs they are just what you see in batman films. Explosions, batman rides a car, women smiling, Joker threatening people, crowds and people all over the place etc.

That is not necessary a homage that is just what you get in a batman film.

STiD is very different, they reacted a specific and classic scene and Quinto screamed Khan as a tribute to Shatner's Kirk.

It is not the same as TDK and Batmen 1989.
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