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Re: Questions about ''Blink Of An Eye''

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I think the ultimate fate of any advanced society is to blow itself up.

I actually really like this episode. Especially when the doctor goes down to the planet and tells about it. Whether it makes sense scientifically, well I suppose it makes about as much sense as holodecks, transporters, replicators, and warp drive, I can accept those and enjoy it, and I can enjoy this.

Personaly I would have hung around a few more days out of curiosity to see what kind of technology they would come up with

Blow itself up!?!

I won't argue the evidence for this but do you think it's possible that one could survive, and whiel we are on the subject, would it be fair to say "blow itself up" or would it be just "evolve"? A great example of this would be the Romans.

First they where a republic, then they where an empire, then they stretched themselves too thin and split, lastly to evolve into the "Holy Roman Empire" with the help of Catholic Church.

yes I think the ultimate fate of a technologically advanced race is to blow it up. At some point they will go to war and bomb the crap out of each other

Well that's glum!

Why do you think this way?
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