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Re: Boardwalk Empire - Season 4 Discussion Thread

Very enjoyable episode, but like every first episode of the season for Boardwalk Empire, it's more about building and catching up than actual story progression. Which is fine. I'm very patient with this show.

It's good to see Nucky has managed to bring together a peace with all concerned, if even it's a tenable one at best and I'm sure it won't last. Hell, Rothstein's calculation of odds against Nucky shows no one really expects it to work in the long run.

I'm not surprised by the lack of Margaret (who, really, could be written out at this point, but I'm glad she's not because I adore Kelly Macdonald) or Van Alden. Someone is going to get the short end of the stick and considering they're not in Atlantic City, it's not surprising they don't make appearance just yet (yeah, we see plenty of Capone as well as Richard's Midwest adventures).

Speaking of Richard, can someone refresh my memory on why he was going after that insurance company? Or is it something we don't know about yet. Either way, I wasn't surprised to see him show up on his twin sister's doorstep after seeing the short clip of mentioning her during the "Previously on..." Sometimes those roundups can do more harm than good, but whatever. I'm looking forward to seeing where that plot line leads.

One other thing that really caught my eye: Chalky seems to be on equal standing with Nucky these days. When Nucky and Eli show up to see the mess Dunn left behind, it wasn't a case of "calling for help," but rather a case of "summoning them to the scene to collectively respond to the situation." I hope this means we'll see a larger role for Michael Kenneth Williams this season.

Lastly, we have two new cast members in the show, Ron Livingstone, who makes a brief "nonchalant" appearance, and Jeffrey Wright who is also absent from the episode. I'm sure both of them will raise the bar even higher on the show.
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