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Re: TF: Revelation and Dust by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

See, the thing is, I like the authors other books. I love the literary ds9 for the most part. But this is half a book. My wife read a few typhon pact books and Destiny, and was going to use this as a jumping on point to become a regular reader....she isn't going to now. Stories like 'beyond the stars' work on tv because you can see familiar faces playing the prophet echo characters. They do not work in books because you can't. 'Our man Bashir' would be an awful book, a bond pastiche, but it works on tv because it's funny to see our familiar faces. The only equivalent in book form is to work within the setting of literature (something doctor who did well in its novels...the adventuress of Henrietta street for example) and tell the story that way. I am not sure that would work in trek literature except in the way some of the typhon pact books worked like the tng episode 'first contact' told from the alien perspective, or the...never-ending sacrifice I think it was...where we are in first person perspective with a character who is not one of our regulars. As it stands we get a clumsy underground railroad parable, starring not-kira, which whilst fitting with some of ds9s subjects, just doesn't gel with the story told back on the station. All for the orb fake out at the end....guess he's gonna go work in sector General, and an up replacing Bashir when he leave to go be with Dax after it turns out Sarina is section 31 (that's my conjecture, but am using it her to illustrate how much this book feels like massive set ups fir further in....I might be wrong, probably am, I hope I am not wrong because I pretty much don't like Sarina)
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