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Re: Dune - The Book and the 1984 film *spoilers for both*

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Kirk55555, how do you square Frank Herbert's assertion in Dune that Paul was born on Caladan with KJA/BH's nonsense that he was born on Kaitain? That was the first major bit of retconning that infuriated a lot of Dune readers. But unfortunately, it wasn't the last.
I just accept what they say in their books, that some of the stuff that doesn't add up (like Paul being born on Caladan, and never elaving Caladan before going to Dune) was all a mistake by Irulan when she was acting as historian. Sure, some of that is mentioned in sections that weren't related to Irulan's writings (I think his never having left Caladan was mentioned in dialog in Dune) but I can deal with retcons like that, especially when they're interesting and written well. Yes, there are a few things that don't quite fit, but its not like they contradict really important stuff, and most of them aren't ignored, even if you don't like the explanation. I like almost all of the additions of the House books (and Winds/Paul of Dune) so even the few rough spots of continuity with the old books are ok with me.

Also, just because people seem to not like it, even when I read the books for the first time (years before I heard aboput the BH/KJA books) I always thought the Butlerian Jihad was against evil AI, that always seemed to me to be what Frank Herbert was talking about, and I'd bet that was definately in the notes BH/KJA used to finish the series. Of all the complaints against them, I can usually kind of understand (even if I don't agree) with the complaints. But, the complaints about the thinking machines just never made sense to me, it seemed to be exactly what the older books were talking about. Even if BH/KJA basically made the golden path pointless, which might have been a bit different than if FH had finished the series, the thinking machines were exactly what I thought they'd be since I first read Dune.
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