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Re: New Book about TOS: These Are The Voyages

Wow, just read the chapter on Court Martial, and was surprised to see just how vehemently opposed NBC was to doing the story. The idea never seemed that out of place to me on the series, and you'd think they'd realize how inherently dramatic and exciting it would be to see Kirk put on trial (and of course the network had no problem with having another court martial in the Menagerie two-parter for some reason).

I realize they were hungry for more action and adventure, but it should have been obvious that Roddenberry and the studio didn't exactly have the money to do that every week. There were going to have to be some smaller bottle episodes now and then, and I thought this episode was one of the better examples of that (surprised to see the producers were so unhappy with it-- although I agree the bit with the white noise microphone was pretty silly).

This is also the first time I think the author goes a bit overboard with his criticism of the episode. I don't mind hearing his perspective, but we don't need an entire page devoted to every little nitpick he has.
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