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Re: Episode of the Week: 3x11 "The Hunted"

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If you wish to explain, I would like to know why this bit works for you. Not to counter you or say you're wrong (it's your opinion and I respect that), but so it will help me see something that I may be missing. All I see here is Picard hoping for the best even though he should have the diplomatic experience and means to bring a resolution to this conflict without being so pompous. He could have offered the Prime Minister the resources needed to help bring these soldiers back into society as a sign of good faith that the Federation wants what's best for everyone. The Angosians wouldn't have to default their economy, and the soldiers can be brought back into society. This would have given the Angosians a taste of what it means to work together with other cultures while still giving them a choice if they want this kind of assistance or not.
Picard didn't have a leg to stand on once the Angosian government told him to butt-out. His thought process at the end was likely once the Angosian government went through a bit of turbulence over the issue, then they may be more receptive to Federation mediation/intervention.
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