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Re: #FreeBabylon5 Campaign

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Maybe I misunderstood the context, but how was my ME avatar a "B5 style twist"? It was just a pic of Tali.
I thought that the conclusion of Mass Effect had a fantastic twist in the best tradition of Babylon 5 and your previous Tali avatar provided a nice opportunity to mention that.

In other words and for those that equally enjoyed the video game Mass Effect, I strongly recommend watching B5 because it's full of such surprising and shocking story twists.

^and visa-versa. I swear I'll make a gamer of Jan yet!
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It's already been explained nicely but here's how JMS has phrased it at conventions sometimes:

Every so often, Warner Bros. calls me up and “We have to do something with Babylon 5.” It’s usually like Lucy and the football, you get up there and it’s not there anymore.
For those interested, we've got over 2,500 'Likes' to the Facebook page as of last night. Pretty good for nine days, I think. A volunteer has just begun working on the website and there's just over a day left in some eBay auctions I'm doing to help fund the site and some buttons I'm having made and other expenses that may come up.

Thanks to those who've helped with artwork (particularly Reverend) and contact information.

Give me a shout if any graphics work needs doing for the site.
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