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^Speaking of jumping into new universes, I recently read Alastair Reynolds's Revelation Space, and liked it enough to track down the other two books in that trilogy, Redemption Ark (which I'm currently reading) and Absolution Gap. ...
Just a word of warning, as a trilogy, those three books are pretty loose. In particular, the third book isn't the epic finale you're expecting, more of a side story that winds its way into the narrative from the previous two, something which a lot of people find disappointing.
Having finished AG now, I don't think it's a "side story." It takes things in a different direction than one might have anticipated, but it's a direct continuation and resolution of the core characters' storylines. Although I agree that the emphasis was a bit too much on the religious politics on Hela, with the consequences of that arc to the larger narrative being glossed over in a brief epilogue.
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