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Evil Re-theme the Serieseses Sorta Game Thingy

My son and I were talking about how much everyone in the Trek fanbase just LOVES "Faith of the Heart", the theme from Enterprise. And because of that intense love and devotion, we decided to challenge everyone here to retheme the other Star Trek series ... serieses? serii? Siri? hmmm... serials. Yes. serials. Wait... cereals? I hate pluralizing this word, and now I want cereal. ANYWAY, to retheme any or all of the other Trek shows (and you can do individual movies, too, if you'd like) to be consistent with "Faith of the Heart" - (i.e. Top 40s Pop/Rock or similar - "Top 40 adjacent", shall we say?). Then other posters are allowed to score your selections on a scale of -100 to 1000, and whomever has the most points at the end of the thread wins. And wins big. Wins the title "Most Able To Think Like The People That Made "Faith Of The Heart" The Theme For A Star Trek Series".


1. You cannot retheme Enterprise, or badmouth "Faith of the Heart" - doing so automatically sets any suggestions you make at -1000 each, no matter what anyone else says about them, and if you made any other good suggestions, others are allowed to steal them for points, at will.

2. No fractions or decimals in scoring - only whole numbers. Attempting to torture the scorekeepers with anything other than whole numbers will result in totemization for the offender.

3. No using already Trek-themed songs like "Star Trekkin'" by The Firm.

4. People are also allowed to award you points (from 1 to 1000 ONLY) for your extreme, sincere, and heartfelt statements of love and devotion for the Enterprise theme.

5. Brain and brain. What is brain?

Okay. That's it. Good luck, and keep on dancing.
As the brilliant philosopher once said... Everybody, have fun tonight. Everybody, Wang Chung tonight.

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