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Re: So many Mirandas/So few Constitution-refits?

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Yeah it's weird. Having a 2nd impulse engine that high on the pod is pretty far off the ship's center of mass. Then again, I lean alot to the idea that impulse engines (in TOS anyway) are part field driven so those extra vents might just be additional heat radiators for the impulse engines.
Hm, good point. I wonder if we couldn't somehow reconcile it with the bigass impulse additions on the Ent-B? Maybe whatever the explanation is, it's related.

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Could be. I just noticed that the Naked Now Tchaikovsky(sp) Grissom appeared to be large because the E-D flew between the camera and it which put the Tchaikovsky(sp) on the big end of the scale. Perhaps big versions get warp cores in the pod and small versions get compact cores like a mini-version of the Defiant's?
That's entirely possible, too. I guess I was thinking that the Oberths as launched probably had something more primitive... like a warp "reactor" tucked in the box behind the "saucer."

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You may differ on how you count printed material but for myself I only count what was actually shown (and discernible) on screen. So if it's a graphic from FJ's manual, only that counts but not the whole FJ manual. Again though, that's how I process things like that. YMMV.
Eh, I was halfway kidding. The problem with accepting it as seen is that if we do indeed accept it, then we must also accept that for some reason the refit Enterprise was still using old floorplans of herself for security readouts and the like. Therefore, I like to squint and assume that we don't actually know what those layouts look like.

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That's a bummer about the Ambassador model. So I guess the Lakota was only a single use and then it wasn't able to be recreated or scanned into a 3D model? I'm going to have to keep a look out for any Oberth's in the Dominion War.
Well, supposedly the CGI Ent-B model from Gens was lost, and they didn't use a CGI model at all when representing the Lakota, just the original ILM physical model as it had been modified. I'm not able to dig up the link on the spot where this was mentioned, but I'll see if I can find it later.

And one might assume that the Foundation Imaging guys remembered the Oberth as the Grissom from TSFS, and just assumed it would be shit in a firefight.

This really goes back to the core of the OP; either there were very few Ambassadors and Enterprise-B type ships compared to other ships, or we just happened to not see them... and it all appears to stem from fairly logical if convoluted real-world reasons.
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