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Re: Favourite Warp Effect...

The 2009 movie. BOOM gone. And a really nice blue swirly warp field/tunnel thingie. Into Darkness has the same swirly warp tunnels, but I'm not too crazy about the ship leaving trails of ice behind when it makes the jump (yes, Star Trek is cool again, but that's going a little far). The way ships arrive in ST and ID is fantastic, a flash and they appear. Vengeance's arrival in ID is one of Trek's coolest moments.

TNG/DS9/VOY/ENT's warp effects always annoyed me. The stars streak past way too quickly to be in any way realistic. And the elastic band/Q poof jump just doesn't work for me. What is that flash of light supposed to be and where does it come from?

The classic movie effects are a mixed bag - TMP's is ruined by red white and blue AMERICA stars, TWoK has three distinct effects(!), the rejigged TMP one is excellent, the other two, not so much. Why does the BLUE nacelle leave a RED streak at the end of TWoK, and in STIII, IV and (in the worst looking of all, IMO)VI?

Plus, the whole thing is a blatant Star Wars rip off anyway.
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