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Re: If they made a 25th century TV series, would you watch it?

I do think there is potential in a series set after the events of Trek 2009, in terms of what happened in the future. You lose the Romulan homeworld, sending them into all manner of chaos. You can have any design for the ship you want, you can have any kind of characters you want, you could do just about anything just by using that lynch pin that the galaxy as it was known to Trek fans for a long time has been totally shaken up by events. Just like the 2005 Doctor Who Revival, the springboard for Trek 2009 should in theory work both ways on the timeline. You can do anything in the wake of those events. I don't think "Doing what Star Trek : Online" did is a must, but... I see a lot of potential for new mysteries, new dramatic potential, new kinds of tech, new ship designs. Just so much stuff to really get excited about in the right hands.
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