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Re: Another sci-fi trope becomes reality

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That's bacta, which is Star Wars crap.
It's irrelevant what franchise it reminds you of.
George Lucas raped my childhood, and I'd rather not be reminded of it.

*shudders to remember how Padme died of post-partum depression because the medical droids were too stupid to try Valium or something*

Perhaps I'll be approving if the researchers can figure out how to put the substance in a hypo-spray and apply it directly to a wound instead of making seriously injured patients swim in it while wearing an oxygen mask.

What matters is whether it works.
About that - was it published? Where? Peer review?
It's been 2 months since march - as per the link.
*spins conspiracy theory about Band-Aid brand and Johnson & Johnson, perhaps involving the entire suture industry*

There can be long delays in publishing, especially if the peer review feedback is asking for more data.
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