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Re: TF: Revelation and Dust by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Speaking of Rough Beasts, I had to go look it up, because it turns out, it was also entirely forgettable.
Rough Beasts was one of the worst books that I have ever read...I wish it were forgettable.
You'll just have to face it that it's down to taste. I thought Rough Beasts was great (as were its follow ups Plagues of Night and Raise The Dawn). Out of those first four Typhoon Pact novels I really didn't like Zero Sum Game and Seize The Fire. ZSG in particular seemed popular with other readers.
No doubt. I can't say that Rough Beast of Empire was bad, because I really don't remember it. After reading its description, I remember the main events, but that's all. I can't even say it was a bad book, because it apparently just leaked right out of my brain. RaD, in comparison, I shall remember.

I went back to take a look to see if I rated any of them, and it seems I forgot to rate Typhon Pact 1-4. That probably just means they were average reads. Plagues of Night, however, I gave just 2 stars and the review:

But remember, I try to review each book as its own entity. Filling in the cracks is fine, in a serial novel. Not so much in a full novel.

Raise the Dawn I apparently gave 3 stars. So, maybe DRGIII's style is poor enough that I consistently get hung up on it. Can't say I ever noticed until now. Until now, I've never really noticed who wrote which Trek novel.
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