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Re: Thoughts on Season 2

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There were many things I liked about Season 2, such as the Cullah/Seska and Voyager story. Then there were some stories I wish was done a whole lot better like Tom Paris acting out of line to bring out the Maquis Traitor (Investigations almost ruined that story for me). I also liked many of the episodes this year with my top 5 being:

Basics I
The Thaw

Overall, I would say it was a good season, but not a great season.
I would definatel agree with you about those being the highlights in season 2. I would also personally add Death Wish to that list because for one I love any Q episode, and two I thought the moral delema that Janeway faced was interesting.

Resistance is one of those episodes that while I love I'm reluctant to watch becaus it makes me cry at the end, but that just means it was well done.

I think the Thaw was really well done, the world they created bordered really well on a fun circus to creepy clown without being cheesy about it. I always wondered though, while they were being carrid to have their heads cut off, if they had just remained calm, would it have killed them?
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