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Re: Rolling Stone Magazine calls for the return of TNG to TV

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Realistically is they were going to try and revive TNG in some form, a CGI cartoon ala Clone Wars might be the go?
You beat me to it!!

Live-action TNG? Nah.

Animated show? Hell-to-the-yeah.

I've argued before that I think an animated series of Trek, TNG-based or other, would be a huge hit. The very concept of the franchise "to go where no one has gone before" - is ripe of the sort of visual storytelling that animation can provide. And the maturity and clever storytelling that can often be seen in new shows like TMNT from Nick, the recent Thundercats relaunch, or Star Wars: Clone Wars, would make for some intriguing plots as well.

And we can finally get a decent Trek toyline in there as well!
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