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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

@ QuinnTV

Yes, I think that's what we are dealing with. It is a late thought but I can't help but notice that D.C. Fontana talked about the "12 ships of the starship class" (as if there were only 12 starships) and Bob Justman replied by referring to the 12 ships of the "Enterprise Starship Class" (i.e, there are more than 12 starships but only twelve of the Enterprise Class).

If only Greg Jein had considered this accurately in his treatise, he might have been aware that the starships beginning with "16" on the starship status chart had to belong to a different and older class.

@ Praetor

Yes, although the "health meter" idea seems unorthodox I think it would be an adequate rationalization - and a better one than the "repair status" concept (hmm...why does it say "starship status chart" and not "repair status chart"...?)

@ AvroArrow

Captain's Log, Stardate 2947.3. We have been through a severe ion storm. One crewman is dead. Ship's damage is considerable. I have ordered a non-scheduled layover on Starbase Eleven for repairs. A full report of damages was made to the commanding officer of Starbase Eleven, Commodore Stone.

Theoretically he could have already been at the starbase for several days, but then it's rather odd and unusual that it takes that long before he finally reads the report three times in Stone's office and laments about the death of a crewman (it didn't take him that long to talk about this?).

Again, the context looks rather clear. The ship has been damaged, requires immediate assistance, arrived at Starbase 11, Kirk delivered his report (re-read it three times to make sure he didn't overlook damage) and prompted Stone to re-assign a team to the unscheduled Enterprise because it had priority to carry on with whatever mission she had at the time.

Captain's Log, Stardate 2948.5. Starship Enterprise remains in orbit around Starbase Eleven. Full repairs in progress. I've been ordered to stand by on Starbase Eleven until the inquiry into the death of Lieutenant Commander Finney can be conducted. I'm confident of the outcome.

Now - and not before - "full repairs are in progress". Kirk is visiting the starbase club and tells his friends that the Enterprise is laying over for repairs and for a "couple of days". He can't possibly tell how long that's going to take but apparently he estimates more than just two days. YMMV.

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