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Favourite Warp Effect...

What's everyone's favourite warp effect? It's always one of my favourite moments in Trek be it film or series, I just love seeing the Enterprise power up and storm off...

1 1st one in TWOK, this one for me perfectly captures what going to warp should be like, fast, and slightly trippy.
2: Either in TMP - see above
3: 2nd one in TWOK, similar to first 2 but from different angle
4: STO9 - love the noise it makes
5: NEM: Like that they ditched the 'stretch' effect
6: STID - they brought back the stretch effect! Noo and what's all the blue dust about?
7: All the TNG movies/series - As you've probably gathered I don't like the stretch effect. Think it's always looked cheap and cheesy.
8: TSFS, the effects in this movie (especially the spece dock scenes) are excellent. The warp effect isn't - just a cheap optical effect overlaid on the enterprise, and I think it looks dreadful.
9: TFF. Lets be fair, it looks crap. It's not even in the correct perspective, it looks like they just moved the enterprise to the left. Appalling.

Anyway - here they are..
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