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Re: 50th Is "The Day Of The Doctor" (And Is 75 Minutes)

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I don't think it's ever simulcast in that sense. We've had BBC America show episodes on the same day the BBC debuted them, but not at the exact same time, due to the time-zone difference. Not only is the US several hours later, but Doctor Who airs here as a prime-time show, whereas I think it's late afternoon/early evening in the UK.
Now this time as with the annoucement of Peter Capaldi as the next Doctor it supposed to be simulcast at the same time, so it'll be on at 3PM EST here.
I believe I remember the Capaldi announcement having commercials. So, while it may start at the same time, about 20 minutes in, I believe BBCA will fall behind when they start showing commercials (Once it's started, there's probably much less danger of people being spoiled, because they'll be watching the show, not looking for spoilers on what's happening 20 minutes later, etc) Maybe that's incorrect, but, I'm pretty sure I remember commercial breaks on the Capldi announcement.
You're wrong, the Capaldi announcement didn't have commercials when BBC America first aired it. I don't know if they aired it again later with commercials though.

It's hard to say if The Day of the Doctor will have commercials though since it's much longer, maybe they will have some company sponsor the show and show an extended commercial for them before and after the show, and occasionally show Sponsored by "XXXXXX" at the bottom of the screen during the show so they don't have to have any commercial breaks.

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