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Re: Question About "The Chimes at Midnight"

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This brings up my one minor complaint about the Myriad Universes series. They managed to create 9 fascinating new universes, and there are a lot of questions like these about their futures and pasts. I especially wish we could get a follow up to the Kahn victorious universe. It ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, and I would love to see what happened next.
I've similar feelings. Star Trek is the one place where alternate universe stories could actually be considered canon (as much as any novel could given that none of actually are canon). Why not expand on some of the ideas already used in the MU stories and flesh out what happens in these timelines before or after the stories in question?

Now that I'm thinking about it, there are several MU stories that would be interesting to tell if they ever decide to revive the series. I know of at least one Trek author who has an idea he'd like to write about (I don't know what his idea actually is). I won't post my ideas here because it's forbidden by board policy but am willing to share them via PM.

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