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Re: Better ideas for Generations

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5. There was to be more action in the film. The transition from Kirk dying on the Ent-B was to be followed by a fire fight on board the observatory where the crew of the Ent-D found Soran. The Enterprise vs Romulans in a starship battle and shootout on the observatory. It was Jeri Taylor who suggested that the audience would find that boring, according to Brannon Braga. So the decided to do something off beat instead.
That's brilliant. Instead of a scene that gets us right into the story, we get a scene that has fuck all to do with anything. Good thinking, Jeri.

9. Kirk and Picard making eggs. Not Braga's idea. He wanted Kirk and Picard to be fighting eachother or together on their respective ships. Moore and Berman didn't want to do what was expected with these two captains meeting so they went for something offbeat and uncanny.
And Moore credits Jeri Taylor for this decision, too.
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