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Is 'Woman In Cafeteria' Janice Rand, or not?

In The Search For Spock, we see the lovely Grace Lee Whitney in an cameo as a Starfleet officer who watches bemusedly as the heavily battle damaged Enterprise comes back into spacedock.

Of course, Grace was most well known for playing Janice Rand, a role she had played in The Original Series, reprised in The Motion Picture, and would again reprise in The Undiscovered Country. But here, in TSFS, she is credited simply as 'woman in cafeteria'. Although it is Grace Lee Whitney, there is no indication at all whether or not she is, in fact, playing Janice Rand.

What do we think? Is it Janice? Or is it simply intended as an amusing cameo for the fans, for those who are keen-eyed enough to spot who the actress is?

I understand that some of the novels set during that time have assumed that it's Janice. But what do you guys think?
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