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Re: ROBOCOP remake finds its director and star

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I love how Murphy and Lewis look completely different to their film actors, but in the brief half-a-second he appears, Boddicker is clearly Kurtwood Smith.
Usually a rights thing, maybe Kurtwood Smith signed off on them being allowed to use his likeness without him getting paid. Though, to me, it's not an "exact match" just very similar.
Yeah, it isn't, more than likely Smith didn't sign anything for a brief second in an opening intro (unless there was a specific thing in his Robocop contract saying his likeness could be used in spin-offs), but it is funny that while their Murphy and Lewis almost look like they're deliberately avoiding the actors' appearance, the Guy Who Kills Murphy is pretty obviously based on the Guy Who Kills Murphy in the film.
Well, again, with Murphy and Lewis *any* likeness might mean they'd have ground to get paid for using their likeness. If Bodicker was just in the intro then they might have been able to get away with it for one, quick, shot without paying (or paying much.) But for regulars? They'd have to go extreme.

Same thing with "The Real Ghostbusters" and how far out of their way they went to make the guys look nothing like their movie counter parts (Egon becomes a hipster with red glasses and a blonde pompadour, Peter lankier and doesn't have a face like a catcher's mitt, Ray becomes heavier and a ginger, and Winston more chiseled features and a loss of a 'stache.)

You can't make cartoons of people and not pay them so you make the cartoon versions as much unlike the live-actors as possible. Maybe they went a bit extreme in Robocop but, still, better safe than sorry.
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