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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

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Apparently and according to ST II NCC-1701 was a member of the "Enterprise Starship Class" (the refit according to the Official TMP Blueprints was a "Starship II Class" Enterprise) and NCC-1701-A was a member of the "Constitution Starship [II] Class" according to ST VI.

I think it's rather simply and there's really nothing wrong with the TOS dedication plaque, as it contains the vital information: "(U.S.S.) Enterprise Starship Class".
I don't know what the dedication plaque of the sister ships would read, but for the class leader all the information is contained.
So, the lead ship in each class might have a dedication plaque that reads "Starship Class" to note that it was the primary ship in the class, but the following sister ships would have "[lead ship's name] Class".

"Starship Class" could mean "this vessel is the one for which this design batch/group is named".
Hmm, that theoretically could work. Is there a visual catalogue for the plaques on other lead ships?
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