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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness out on Blu-ray/DVD September 10th [spoiler

Here's the funny thing when I bought mine:

I picked up the 2D Blu-Ray/DVD/Digital combo from Best Buy (on sale for 19.99 - sticker price $27.99.) I also picked up Season 2 of "Enterprise" on Blu-Ray as well.

Funny thing, when the transaction completed; a message popped up on the cashier screen that I was entitled to a free $25.00 Best Buy gift certificate (which I accepted.) The cashier wasn't sure if it was because I bought both of these items at the same time, or what; but he wasn't questioning it, and I wasn't complaining.

(And yes, I verified I wasn't charged an extra $25.00 on the receipt.)

I do buy Blu-Rays there quite often, so I'm sure I'll make use of the card; so, one way to see it is they gave me STID free and paid $4 and change toward my purchase of ENT Season 2.

Not too shabby.
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