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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness out on Blu-ray/DVD September 10th [spoiler

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...the extra purchases have now more than paid for themselves...
How have you made a monetary profit from the purchase? I might change my mind if this is actually not hyperbole.
Well, eBay prohibits selling of digital copy codes, which I didn't know at first, but which I see all the time. So your mileage may vary there. But there are online forums to trade or sell those things elsewhere, I understand.

I sold (or am selling)two Blu-rays of the films, 3 DVDs, and one 3D Blu-ray. At this point, I have more than made the difference of buying the Target and Best Buy exclusives.

Your mileage may vary; I think putting this stuff up right away allowed me to strike while the iron is hot. The Target Cartwheel app saved me 10%, and I had a 5$ Best Buy reward cert that saved me a few bucks.

Any surplus money goes right back to my movie buying fund. Last time I did something similar was when I sold the Target Avengers exclusive content Blu-ray for $20 (I'm keeping my Trek exclusive). Why anyone would pay that much for it is beyond me (I had no reserve on it with a 99 cent start price), when for a few dollars more they could've just bought the entire release themselves...

But look at it this way, many Blus come with a dvd. I'm not going to ever use it, so I give 'em to friends in the real world or online, or in this case, got some coin back... I thought some here would get a chuckle out of the elaborate steps I took to do this. I had the time, and took advantage of the first-sale doctrine.

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