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Re: Beginner tips for Star Trek Online

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Am downloading it now, and have never played before

Any advice for a player just about to start out?
1) Quite a bit of beginner advice is in the regular STO forum. You just have to read through it. Don't be afraid to ask members of the TrekBBS Armada for advice.

2) If you need an original install disc of the game, let me know. I have several (if I can find them in the moving boxes...)

3) I have the Amazon Collector's Edition and the Steam? Deluxe Digital Download which give bonuses that are useful/fun to starting players.

4) I'm still off the Internet at home. They installed it yesterday but nothing's working. (Ensuring that something is operational is obviously not part of their contract. I can call tech support but it cost 0.43 Euros per minute. The last time I called tech support I was on hold for 20 minutes.)

If and when they get my line operational, feel free to give me a shout. I enjoy doing the lower level missions.


You still have codes?...I missed out on the Red Matter Capacitor....hint hint
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