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Re: Technological Stagnation

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Aren't car engines of today both Petrol and Diesel based, more efficent and cleaner than a car from the 1970's?
Yes, today's car engines are somewhat more efficient than in the '70, etc.
This relatively small advance in over 40 years is not snail-paced when compared to the advancements in transportation between, for example, 1930 and 1970?
What advancements were you expecting, exactly? Most of the limitations of cars are actually human limitations. Cars don't go 300 miles an hour because humans can't safely drive them that quickly, for instance.
There are plenty of potential avenues of advancement, Robert.
What about the cost of travelling 1 km by car/plane going down? Cheap, easy access to LEO? Why not easy access to the solar system?
These, achieved not necessarily by continuing to use and marginally improving technologies ~150 years/50 years old (as we do now), but by creating new technologies?
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