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Re: #FreeBabylon5 Campaign

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
True, the change of your avatar from Mass Effect (fantastic B5 style twist) to Babylon 5 is what attracted me to come here.

But I didn't get the Peanuts reference (I more a Duck Dodgers kind of fan ), I have to admit. What did I miss?

As for Psi Corps how about this (for in- and outsiders): "Don't suspect a friend, report him!"

You don't have to get the quote, you just have to be interested enough to wonder over and see what all the noise is about. Mission accomplished.

P.S. Maybe I misunderstood the context, but how was my ME avatar a "B5 style twist"? It was just a pic of Tali.

doubleohfive wrote: View Post
I spent $80 a pop on each season when they came out on DVD years ago. I still have them, the movies, and Crusade. I even ponied up for "The Lost Tales." The only thing I don't have is "Legend of the Rangers," and even then its mostly because besides being fucking terrible, it's just never in stock at my local Best Buy or Target. The completist in me would love to have it, but the other 97% of me just can't be bothered to track it down.

Anyway. I'm glad you all are reaching out together to try to make something happen. That being said, let's not try to pretend like this is some dark age where there be no Babylon 5.

Amazon has each season in stock with a price ranging between $25 to $40 a piece which is sometimes less than half what the sets cost when they were first released. There is no drought, the series isn't being secreted away by Warner Bros. It's still out there and if you can afford to pay for a Netflix streaming bill every month, it's likely you could also afford to just get the DVDs themselves.

Not trying to be a moonface assassin of joy. Just pointing out some perspective.
As has been already stated, the point of getting the show back on TV and/or subscription based streaming services isn't to make the show available for people who want to see it, it's to get the attention of people who've never seen it and grow the fan base.

Nobody in their right mind will buy a whole season, let alone a whole series on DVD if they're not already familiar the show. Home video is generally for people who are already fans. Regardless, the way WB is organised, it wouldn't matter if B5 DVD sales were outstripping the GDP of Canada. As far as they're concerned the show never turned a profit.

It certainly works for me since in the last year I've burned my way through the entirety of '24' and (so far) the first three and a half season on 'The West Wing' on Both are shows I was aware of back when they were on, but never got around to watching till now. Didn't even occur to be to try until I saw them on my recommended list and I now consider my self a fan. It's also how I got caught up on 'Castle' and 'Big Bang Theory' after running across the odd episode on TV. I also didn't watch 'Buffy' or 'Angel' when either shows originally aired, but caught them on repeats after getting hooked on 'Firefly'. I wouldn't have even been aware of 'Firefly' if Sci-Fi wasn't repeating the show ad nauseum one weekend when I happened upon it. So yeah, the more places a show is on, the more people will watch.

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