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Re: How Do You Feel About Driving?

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So, I have a dumb question, I've driven my whole adult life so I'm curious how do people without cars buy groceries? I often can't even get the groceries from my car into my house in one trip. How do you do it?
I have one supermarket and local shops within 5 minutes walk and two more supermarkets within easy bus reach. I have a large backpack and shop once or twice a week. Occasionally I'll do a really big shop and get a cab.

Your lifestyle develops according to your facilities - I never got a job, childcare or anything else that I needed to drive to get to. My life is perfectly OK without a car.

And hugely cheaper.
Definitely hugely cheaper. I never wanted to become dependent on a car when I was very low income either. You're just fucked if you need a car to get to work, buy food, take kids to activities or childcare or attend appointments.. your whole LIFE. And because you are poor your car is a piece of crap and it breaks down and costs you hundreds of dollars or a new car to get your whole life back. It's a vicious circle. I remember my friend who was in the same financial situation as me crying on the phone because her car was stuffed, she had to borrow money to fix it, she didn't know how she was going to continue her life while waiting for it to be fixed.. and I was like, you live right next to the train. Your kids school is right next to the train. Your course is right next to the train. The supermarket is right next to the train.. but this was like some psychological impossibility to her.

At this point in my life I could afford a car and it wouldn't be a drama. But I don't want one and I am VERY happy not to have one. I used to feel guilty and ashamed that I didn't drive or have a car even though I would rarely, maybe twice a year, ever ask anyone for a lift. But people would say "oh you don't have a car? do you have a license? Oh.." and they would sound like they were gently talking about your disability in some sympathetic yet bewildered way. It's like saying you can't be bothered having electricity in your house, it makes absolutely no sense to people. But now I phrase it that I am "car free" because it is a lifestyle choice and that sums up how I feel about it.

As to shopping, I live 5 minutes walk from a supermarket. It is a terrible supermarket but the train is right there taking me to any supermarket I want. I will sometimes get stuff delivered, sometimes order online, more frequently I just buy fresh vegies and meat as I need them on the way home. I think I save on shopping not being able to load up on extra crap every single trip.

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