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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness out on Blu-ray/DVD September 10th [spoiler

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I received my Amazon Phaser set yesterday with the 3D blu-ray combo set. I don't need the dvd, so I threw it on ebay. The digital copy code I used for the iTunes version, so I get the commentary.

So, I preordered the Best Buy excusive combo pack with slipcover, and a Cinema Now (UV compatible) copy of the movie and an email code for the exclusive content. Since I already got the exclusive content free when I "pre-ordered", the code that came inside for that was also put on eBay, along with the DVD that came with that release. I used a 5$ Best Buy reward cert towards the purchase. It also came with the digital copy code for UV/iTunes that I put on ebay.

And I went to Target to get the exclusive 3D combo pack that came with the bonus Blu-ray of additional special features. I kept that bonus disc, and put on ebay the 3D disc, the blu-ray, and the DVD, along with the digital copy code.

So now, I have the phaser, the Target bonus disc, the iTunes commentary, the Cinema Now exclusive features, a UV digital copy, and of course the 3D and regular Blu-rays.

And with what has already sold and what is selling now, I may have ended up having it cover everything except the added cost of the phaser, which I wanted anyways.

Thanks Paramount, for allowing me to turn your shitty practices around into a small win for the completist in me. I'm sure this is exactly what you wanted.

There really isn't any other response to this post that I can think of. Oh, wait.

No one forced you to buy ANY of this shit. Paramount fleeced everyone because they knew they could and that the fans would pay for it because the fans always pay for it.

All you lovely people who went out and bought the movie and especialy those of you who went to the trouble, as Tommunist seemingly has, to get more than one version of the film don't get to complain about Paramount spreading the extras like this anymore. You're all part of the damn problem, constantly feeding your cash into Paramount's maw no matter what they spit back at you.

Certainly, it's your choice to do so but Paramount doesn't owe anyone anything. It's their property to distribute the way they want to, and as long as they believe we, the nerd-driven completist "gotta catch 'em all" fans will pay for whatever they put out, they're not going to change their business model.

"The fault, dear Braga, is not in our stars but in ourselves."

We have no one to blame but ourselves.
"Lighten up, Francis..".

I knew what I was doing, and the extra purchases have now more than paid for themselves, and a few people elsewhere have also gotten stuff they wanted as a result. So, instead of just bitching about not getting the super-release many here would want, I made my own. A successful "enterprise", if you will.

And guess what? I still get to complain and pass judgment on any release I want, much in the same way you have passed judgment on me and declared what "rights" and say I have in the matter, which will have no bearing on my actions in the future.

Funny how that works!

Annnd... To further share with my fellow Trek fans, the first person to PM me will get an unused Digital Copy/Ultraviolet code for the film. The digital copy code will get you the iTunes "enhanced commentary". Now the sheet says the code can only be used for either a UV copy or iTunes copy, but reports are that it will work for both. So whoever gets this, I encourage them to share the unused portion of the code if they don't want it on both formats. Yay community of Trek fans!

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