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Re: TF: Revelation and Dust by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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They served the clear purpose of continuing the ongoing serialized story of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which has always -- on TV and in the Relaunch novels -- contained character-based B-plots that were not directly related to the main plot. Or are you going to say that, for instance, the Quark/Garak scenes should have been removed from "The Way of the Warrior?"
There was a nugget here that I missed the first time through, that I think deserves pointing out. This novel was not marketed as a serial. Serials are something entirely different.
All DSN Relaunch novels are inherently serial. Further, this was marketed as part one of the miniseries The Fall -- clear serialization in that direction as well. This book was clearly a serialized entry from the start.
I think at this point, further discussion on this topic between the two of us is quite pointless. I do see your reference point, I acknowledge where you're coming from, I just think it's entirely incorrect. A "serial novel" is something entirely different than a "series of novels." RaD is seemingly a "serial novel" stuck in a "series of novels." It doesn't seem that you can acknowledge my reference point. So I guess we needn't bother one another any longer.

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Isn't it telling though, that by making your point, you've only served to confuse me?
I think you're simply trying to read more into my comment than I intended.
Maybe I did. I honestly had not considered the idea that The Fall might be a serial novel, broken into 5 parts, starting with Revelation and Dust. When you mentioned it as a possibility, when it finally sank into my thick skull, it threw me off balance. It made me reconsider my entire argument. I'm not ashamed to admit I'm wrong, but it does take me a while to figure it out, then double check it.

Fortunately, jaime mentioning the back-matter material that DRGIII himself wrote, explaining that The Fall was not a serial novel split into 5 parts, restored my balance. It allowed me to stand by my original argument. But, I was definitely confused there for a while.
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