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Re: Technological Stagnation

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No, it's not. Not even close. Take a car from today and compare it to a car from the '70s. Other than having four wheels, a steering column, and an internal combustion engine, how are they alike? Car technology has changed dramatically over that period, particularly in terms of safety features and efficiency.

No, they don't fly, but then the market's not been looking for flying cars, either.
What about its propulsion - its engine, Robert? The progress here was snail-paced - consisting mainly of introducing computing technology.

Perhaps you want to talk about aviation and rocketry.
Relating to their propulsion, not their flight-attendant services or wall paper, that is.

Or perhaps you would like to compare the progress in transportation technology until the '70s to progress since the '70s.

Transportation technology DID stagnate since the '70s.
Aren't car engines of today both Petrol and Diesel based, more efficent and cleaner than a car from the 1970's?
Yes, today's car engines are somewhat more efficient than in the '70, etc.
This relatively small advance in over 40 years is not snail-paced when compared to the advancements in transportation between, for example, 1930 and 1970?
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