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Re: Star Trek Into Darkness out on Blu-ray/DVD September 10th [spoiler

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I received my Amazon Phaser set yesterday with the 3D blu-ray combo set. I don't need the dvd, so I threw it on ebay. The digital copy code I used for the iTunes version, so I get the commentary.

So, I preordered the Best Buy excusive combo pack with slipcover, and a Cinema Now (UV compatible) copy of the movie and an email code for the exclusive content. Since I already got the exclusive content free when I "pre-ordered", the code that came inside for that was also put on eBay, along with the DVD that came with that release. I used a 5$ Best Buy reward cert towards the purchase. It also came with the digital copy code for UV/iTunes that I put on ebay.

And I went to Target to get the exclusive 3D combo pack that came with the bonus Blu-ray of additional special features. I kept that bonus disc, and put on ebay the 3D disc, the blu-ray, and the DVD, along with the digital copy code.

So now, I have the phaser, the Target bonus disc, the iTunes commentary, the Cinema Now exclusive features, a UV digital copy, and of course the 3D and regular Blu-rays.

And with what has already sold and what is selling now, I may have ended up having it cover everything except the added cost of the phaser, which I wanted anyways.

Thanks Paramount, for allowing me to turn your shitty practices around into a small win for the completist in me. I'm sure this is exactly what you wanted.

There really isn't any other response to this post that I can think of. Oh, wait.

No one forced you to buy ANY of this shit.
I don't believe he's claimed otherwise.

All he's done here is describe the steps taken to arrive at the set he wanted to own. Yes, it's a bit involved (and more trouble than I would have taken) but as long as he's satisfied with the result, who am I to say he's wrong to have put in the effort?
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