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Re: ‘Superman & Batman’ movie will follow ‘Man of Steel’

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I do blame the writer as well as the director for approving it. In a weird way by having Superman trigger the signal that lead Zod to earth, Supes is actually partially responsible for all the destruction that went on.
I don't know how you could possibly blame Superman for accidentally activating a signal on a ship.

This to me is just piling on because you don't like the movie, so now naturally every little thing annoys you about it.
Yeah, I admit when I think about it Zod would have found Earth eventually. I actually like Man Of Steel quite a bit, though I admire the ideas more then the actually writing itself and really love the performances.

I just kinda iffed that these ideas were not capitalized on IMHO. I'm dismayed on what could have been more then anything else. Prior to this announcement, I had hopes that the solo sequel would rectify some of problems but now I'm all the more skeptical since the sequel has now been hijacked in favor of the box-office safety net: A crossover.

Also I'm not being this nitpicky Grinch or else like you said everything really would annoy me. I mean if that were true I would be complaining about why aliens are speaking English in another planet--A complaint which is generally trivial since there is no need to.
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