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Re: #FreeBabylon5 Campaign

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True, the change of your avatar from Mass Effect (fantastic B5 style twist) to Babylon 5 is what attracted me to come here.

But I didn't get the Peanuts reference (I more a Duck Dodgers kind of fan ), I have to admit. What did I miss?

As for Psi Corps how about this (for in- and outsiders): "Don't suspect a friend, report him!"

The Peanuts reference is in reference to Lucy getting Charlie Brown to attempt to punt, and every time, no matter how careful Charlie Brown is not to fall for the trap, and no matter how Lucy guarantees him she won't do it this time, sure enough, he goes for the kick, and she snatches the ball up, and Charlie Brown takes a tumble. JMS made this reference at least once when apologizing yet again for things not working out when he believed (and shared with fans) that a deal was coming/was sewn up and new B5 would be on it's way soon. I believe it was when The Memory of Shadows almost came about. (JMS/The fans would be Charlie Brown, Lucy would be WB, and B5 would be the Football)
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