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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
You are right. But if the ship is done, why does it still appear on that chart?

There's one major issue I have with this chart just showing repair performances at this starbase.

According to the context featured in "Court-Martial" the Enterprise has just recently arrived and Kirk apparently hasn't been to the starbase club, yet.

Yet, the chart clearly shows that there has been considerable "completion" progress on the Enterprise!

Considering there are three to four more days coming before repairs are complete, this "repair status" chart would then indicate that Enterprise had already been there for over a week!

Sorry guys, that's most definitely not what I can conclude from the introduction scenes of "Court-Martial", hence my suggestion we are looking at upgrade packages.
There's one fairly simple solution to this, which happens to be how I've always thought about it anyway...

I've always liked to think of it being more like a "health meter" for any ships present at the starbase - here are all the ships present, here's the level of functionality on a 100% scale. I've never felt that the bar accurately represented how much work had been done, inasmuch as how functional the ship was.

In which case NCC-1700 has taken a whoopin.

Robert Comsol wrote: View Post
You got it right. It was the special "Relics" issue (# 90) of the fan club magazine. From his own fan made bridge, Steve Horch had saved the chair, the helm/nav console and two chairs. Everything else was reconstructed based on original pictures. They even invited Bob Justman to check it out and he had to tell them, that they got the floor carpet wrong - the original one was grey but not brown.
Ah, thanks for dredging that up. I remember the Justman anecdote.

BK613 wrote: View Post
Perhaps the yard work* is done on the Intrepid and the green bar indicates a period of quality assurance and crew training. RL ships and crews go through such a period after time in the yard.

As to why pull a crew off the Intrepid to work on the Enterprise, the Enterprise is there on an unscheduled visit, which means she should be doing starship stuff elsewhere. The Intrepid is probably scheduled for this layover, which means she has no pressing need to be elsewhere. She's where she's supposed to be and a few days delay may not be a s big a deal.

*(Yard working meaning repairs, maintenance and upgrades: there was always a little bit each every time the ship I served on was dockside.)
That works for me, too.
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