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Re: Starship Enterprise NCC-1701 -1/350 scale model

The gridlines were filled with surface filler and sanded smooth. Then I used a hard pencil to draw them back in. Then the pencil lines were oversprayed with a light coat of the hull color to make them very subtle. The "tallywhacker" I have always thought of as the "ion pod" but that's just my opinion. It's hull color with a tiny brass barrel I made painted silver and the tip is painted red.

Since these pics were taken I've given the model it's final coat of Testors semi-gloss lacquer. The only decals, other than the ones in the shuttle launch bay, the bridge, and the triangles on the underside of the saucer, are the footage markers and some signage on the sides of the secondary hull and the saucer. After the semi-gloss went on the carrier film disappeared making the markings look painted on now. All the pennants and ships registration markings were painted on using Orbital Drydock's vinyl paint masks.
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