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Re: Thoughts on Season 2

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Creepy? Me?

And I thought that I was such a nice and pleasant fellow.

As for the emoticon, I just found it a bit annoying. Being fired isn't funny. It happened to me a couple of years ago and it wasn't a pleasant experience.

As for my support for the character, well someone's gotta do it and the way the character was treated was among the worst I've seen in a series.

Sources? Well, I find this information quite reliable
especially since I've heard the same from some other people as well.

She might have gotten the information about not being wanted anymor shortly before the filming of "Scorpion 2" started, that's not impossible. But obviously she was informed rather late about it.
what was so horrible about the way she was treated? it's pretty standard in hollywood. You take an acting job, and at some point it ends. You seem to be more upset about the actress leaving than the actress herself! it's been so so many years since this happend, she's moved on, maybe you should too.

and there is absolutely nothing reliable about that site. It's just some free site someone (maybe you?) whipped together in 10 minutes and wrote their own thoughts. how about a quote from someon on set?

Like before I've provided quotes from Lien herself about how she didn't mind leaving and wasn't upset about it, and I included the magazine issue the interview where she said that was from. That wuld be a reliabl source.

I don't find it hard to believe that it would be sad for her to go, afte three years of course it would be sad. But there is a difference between being sad, and being upset.

It's like being a temp. you get an assignment that is supposed to last a certain amount of time, after that amount of time your contract is done and you go to the next job. It might be sad to leave if you've been there for a while, but from the very beginning you knew you were only ging to be there for a limited amount of time
Well, I thought it was horrible, but that's me.

No, I didn't create that site with the quote I posted a link to. I already have a site, you can find it at the bottom of my posts.

Frankly, I do find the information on that website more, or at least as believable than official propaganda.

As for Lien's statement in that article, it was published a long time after the firing so I guess she had got over it by then.
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