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Re: Was the Enterprise A actually the Yorktown?

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NCC-1831 (formerly assumed to be Intrepid) is almost done, so why pull the repair crew off to start work on the Enterprise?
Not is "almost" done, is done. That ship's bar goes all the way to 100%, and there's even a little green "completion" indicator at the end of the chart. This is one of the major arguments showing that Jein's number assignment is wrong. He assigns that number to Intrepid, but that ship is complete and would therefore not have repair crews still working on it, so that ship cannot be Intrepid.
You are right. But if the ship is done, why does it still appear on that chart?

Perhaps the yard work* is done on the Intrepid and the green bar indicates a period of quality assurance and crew training. RL ships and crews go through such a period after time in the yard.

As to why pull a crew off the Intrepid to work on the Enterprise, the Enterprise is there on an unscheduled visit, which means she should be doing starship stuff elsewhere. The Intrepid is probably scheduled for this layover, which means she has no pressing need to be elsewhere. She's where she's supposed to be and a few days delay may not be a s big a deal.

*(Yard working meaning repairs, maintenance and upgrades: there was always a little bit each every time the ship I served on was dockside.)
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