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Re: Thoughts on Season 2

Lynx wrote: View Post
Creepy? Me?

And I thought that I was such a nice and pleasant fellow.

As for the emoticon, I just found it a bit annoying. Being fired isn't funny. It happened to me a couple of years ago and it wasn't a pleasant experience.

As for my support for the character, well someone's gotta do it and the way the character was treated was among the worst I've seen in a series.

Sources? Well, I find this information quite reliable
especially since I've heard the same from some other people as well.

She might have gotten the information about not being wanted anymor shortly before the filming of "Scorpion 2" started, that's not impossible. But obviously she was informed rather late about it.
You may or may not be a nice and pleasant fellow, but usually when I interact with you you seem wound up about Kes and unwilling to hear anything that might be less than glowing about her. As I've already said, it damages your credibility and frankly is at the point where I don't tend to look forward to your participation in threads. I wish you'd take some time to consider our concerns regarding your lack of objectivity.

Under some circumstances I think being fired is quite funny. For instance, when you call in sick and then post pictures of yourself drunk at a football game to your Facebook account which your supervisor stumbles upon.

Amusingly, I was going to say that three years on a major television series is more than many actors ever get, but then I realized you were talking about the character, not the actress. Frankly I think she was treated better than Neelix. She certainly was treated better than Mayweather! Some people might argue she was treated better than Gul Dukat in his later appearances as well. Anyway, bad treatment of characters happens; it's not a crime.

I don't believe it's been established that she "obviously" was informed late.

FWIW I reviewed Memory Alpha (which granted is a wiki) and didn't see anything to suggest that Lien received late notice that she'd be leaving the show. Which doesn't rule it out, but I'd feel more inclined to believe the argument being made if it was mentioned there.
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