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Re: STO: TrekBBS Armada and House of TrekBBS - Fleet discussion and FA

The Com Array is done and done.
That was the last major department update for Tier 3.

We now have an open spot for a fleet tailor. Everyone is invited to contribute to a nice little tailor shop in OPS so we can soon purchase the fleet exclusive Odyssey uniform.

Upcoming projects after that are:

Transwarp Gate Tier 3: opening up TW destinations to all 3 Romulan Sectors via Starbase System (not including Tau Dewa, that is unlocked by Romulan Reputation).

Starbase Doff Contact: Enabling you to do ALL doffing on the starbase instead of going to the Academy all the time.

Starship Customization officer: Enabling you to change appearance of all your starships on the starbase instead of going to ESD or other major bases.

Let us know how you would prioritize those three project. Which is the most important to you?

Transwap Gate requires major resources and should only be done if more members chip in. 432,000 dilithium is really no longer doable by the usual couple players in a timely fashion but not that bad with help from all members.

The other holdings continue on their way to Tier 2, but it's slow going and could use some resource injections, too.
The embassy is not far off from unlocking the first T2 upgrade projects. it could be done within a week with more contributions, though I am taking it slow to stock up as much provisions as possible as long as they as cheap as they are during this tier.
So, less XP but it will pay-off later.

Now log in and enjoy the newly available Personal Elite Fleet Shields in ground combat.
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