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Re: How Do You Feel About Driving?

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I don't drive and don't have any intentions to ever learn. I could not afford to buy and run a car. If I can't get somewhere by bus or taxi, train or tram, plane or ferry, or on foot its not worth going to IMO.
I'd never trust my eyesight (I see double when I have to refocus) but to be honest I've always used that as excuse. I think partly because my Mum never drove either, I've just got used to not having to depend on a car. My sister learnt as soon as she was old enough though.

Oddly I keep dreaming my mum can drive now

I've never wanted the responsibilty - it wouldn't be just my life I could ruin - but that's the story of my life.

On my own its cheaper to get the train anyway. Only a few times a year are there occasions where I call on a lift if availible. I think I've resorted to a Taxi three times in my life.
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